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Sharing the love of reading

Reading for fun and pleasure is a key aim at our school. Children from Y5 took advantage of some lovely weather to share some of their favourite books with the reception children – a good time was had by all!

Tour de Nafferton!

Inspired by the Tour de Yorkshire children from Years 5&6 had their own Tour de Nafferton.  Under the instruction of a team of qualified coaches from Richardson’s Cycle club of Scarborough the children were trained in the techniques of cycle racing before having their own race around the school field!

Year 5 St Lucia Celebrations

We sang, danced, recited poetry and used our own writing to link calypsos, gospel songs, facts and solo performances. People made donations to our TURTLE FUND.

Year 5’s “St Lucia Flight”

Year 5 started their St Lucia project with their “flight” to the island. Here is an account by one of the Year 5 pupils: 11th January 2017 My holiday Heist Have you ever been on an aeroplane? Because I have. “Where did you go?” I hear you ask. Well, yesterday I went on a breath-taking flight to the sunny, the amazing ST LUCIA! It all started with a strict security check. I was just about to be checked when I was led into a small room, I had no idea what was going on but then the security guard walked in and started rambling on about some Britain’s Most Wanted mumbo-jumbo. I acted like I didn’t know anything but to be quite honest I was actually planning on robbing a bank! Don’t tell anyone! After I FINALLY got onto the plane, I was given a small purple boiled sweet to suck on whilst the plane took off to stop my ears from popping. During the long flight I kept my suitcase near meto make sure nobody saw what I had stored away in there, Also, during the flight, there was some entertainment such as a quiz and there was also some info on St Lucia. A few hours later we landed safely and happily in the airport which was absolutely tiny. We boarded a coach and headed off to the welcome ceremony. During the ceremony I spotted that dodgy security guard again and planned a way of disposing of him. After the ceremony we went off to have a steel pan lesson run by one of the locals. I was partnered with a cool hipster man who I think was called Ross. We were a great team and played the six black bass drums. This was a great experience. We were then led to a room to make postcards. I wrote a very different postcard to everyone else because I was writing to my heist partner, Mike, to tell him how the plan was going. After finishing my postcard we all went back to the hotel for a mighty feast which was scrumptious if I do say so myself. When it got to the end of our trip we gathered together our bags, mine was a lot heavier due to all the money. We then went home and I had a sleep on the plane. Phew! It was a long day.